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Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson — Review

Last night I watched an interesting program on AppleTV. The show was released July 30 and is called Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson. My only recall of Ronson is from the song Uptown Funk he wrote and recorded, featuring Bruno Mars. It was great to put a face to the name.

He has penned songs for Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera; one of the most notable is Shallow with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. As I watched the first two episodes (Auto Tone and Sampling) Music making/song writing involves a creative process I was not completely surprised by but to the extent tech is used left me in that “Ah-Ha” state of mind!

The creativity of using computers (or tape) has been going on for decades. Songs are created, notes are edited (for good or bad) and things that are old are made new again through sampling of rhythms and runs. There’s a fine line between plagiarism an being creative.

Paul McCartney is one of the guests on the show; he talks about the equipment and the processes he and John used to give their music a unique sound. next time you hear Strawberry Fields, listen closely, a Mellotron was used to create the dreamy sounds we heard.

I highly recommend to any of you who are in the creative arts, whether visual or audio, to watch and listen to what is done and how it all comes together!

Parallel the creation of music to photography; photographers use computers to edit, manipulate, and create one of a kind images! Hats off to all of the creatives in this world!

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson