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Dream Sequence: Dream Maker’s Warehouse

Dream Sequence: Dream Maker's Warehouse

You pass through the portal and enter into a large room filled with people. Some you know some you do not know. There are objects, and animals. It is a very busy place. The Dream Maker carefully selects your dream or is being in this room your dream, or does it belong to someone else? You hear a typewriter keeping rhythm with the room swaying back and forth. The room starts to move and fold upon itself. A girl who sits in a chair, does not appear to be aware of the room slipping into itself behind her. A man grabs a young, beautiful woman from behind as if to strangle her, but is this just your imagination playing tricks on you? A cat playfully climbs a column and a horse rides in through a window. Look carefully, the portrait in the background seems to be alive and it is all being captured photographically through a window.