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Dream Sequence : What Happens to a Dream (When You Wake Up)

Dream Sequence : What Happens to a Dream (When You Wake Up)

As you sleep your subconscious becomes active whether it is a trigger from a stress we are experiencing at the time or an experience that is being played out in a distorted way. There comes that moment, whether a noise, or an aversion to what we are experiencing in the dream causes us to wake-up. Where do those dreams go? Do they disintegrate like flakes of snow hitting the warm pavement? Do they blow into the wind? Or do they simply become a vortex and get pulled into the air like a vapor? The portal fades and closes. Many times if the the dream was pleasant we will ourselves to have it continue, but if it was unpleasant we try to tell ourselves to have a pleasant dream as we drift back off and the cycle starts again.

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