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Memories of dad

“Time heals” they say. It has been a year since my dad passed away. There is not a day that goes by that I think about him. I have moments when I have questions that I know only he could answer. I run into people that I know that he knew, but I can’t remember who they are.

I put together this little photograph to show how I remember my dad.

First is his graduation photo; he graduated from Wheelersburg High School in 1953—I followed 25 years later. His dad laid the cornerstone of the high school I graduated from and he laid the cornerstone my daughter will graduate from in 2014.

Most people remember him wearing this hat to the football games. I still look into the end zone to see if I can see him standing there.

Dad shot many feet of home movies with this camera when I was growing up. It was a constant accessory when we traveled.

There is an NS key ring he passed on to me along with other NS memorabilia in my possession. NS stands for Norfolk Southern for those who are not aware. He worked for Norfolk Western and they merged with Southern.

The gold dollar is among my prized possessions. He had this one made into a necklace for me. Every time I wear it I think of him.

Dad served in the Army and was buried on Veteran’s Day. The shells here are from his 21 gun salute.

The 3 baseballs represent his love for sports. The first toward the back and moving forward is a signed baseball from his Little League team that he coached. The middle one is signed by Ted Kluszewski and was a Father’s Day present from me when I worked for the Reds. He always told a story about seeing him at Union Terminal when he rode the train to Cincinnati. The third one is from 1968, the last season the Reds played at Crosley Field. We rode the train to see the game and dad “caught” a foul ball!

I do not have any Cleveland Browns items…so sorry about that.

O-H-I-O…I would be remiss if I forgot about his favorite team!

Memories of dad surround me on a daily basis. I remember his sense of humor and his love of family. Keep your loved ones in your heart and fill your life with joy!

I miss you dad, but you will always be with me.


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