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Introduction to Lightroom


Savannah, Georgia

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 23, 2016.  The class will run from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. It will be held in my studio at 8688 Avalon St. Wheelersburg, Ohio. The cost is $75/person. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. Class size is limited to 10 people.

Lightroom is a robust post processing program that offers a lot of options in it’s package.

This will be a hands-on session. Please have photographs available to work on; preferably on a memory card to import into your computer or hard drive.

The following information will be provided in this session:

Getting started:

Copyright your photographs
Watermarking your photographs
Catalogs – how to create and use them
Optimizing your workflow – pick and reject; rating your photos
File storage — where do your files go?

Library module:

Stacking images
Building a collection

Develop module:
Sync your changes
What the adjustment sliders do and how to use them
Cropping images
Red-eye removal
Radial Filter
ND Filter
Adjustment brush
Spot removal/clone tool
Using plug-ins

Print Module
How to set up your printing in Lightroom; presets
You will need to bring a laptop with Lightroom CC or stand alone version; Optional: Photoshop CC or stand alone program

You will need photographs to import from a card; card reader; wifi is available; bring camera

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